ECORISE is a Network of Sustainanbility Professionals focused on Sustainable Community Design and Development.  

Everything we do is centered in Green Practice. Zero Waste. Carbon Neutral.

We design and develop Renewable and Waste to Energy Systems, MicroGrid Applications and CoLiving / CoHousing Developments.


Our Team

Corneile Uys

Corneile is educated in Community Design, Sustainable Development and Technology, Business Management, Real Estate Development and Finance.  He is responsible for creating the Community Vision, Design  and Investment Structure.  Corneile has been involved in several Community and Real Estate Development Projects, is a Career Firefighter and a BioRemediation Specialist.

Sophia Paczek

Sophia is our Community Counselor.  She specializes in Healthy Communication, Community member integration and therapy.  She received her Masters Degree in Counseling Therapy from the Clearmind Institute. 

Clint Carlton

Clint is a man of many talents. He is a Master at Networking and connecting the dots.  Clint's endless devotion to Indigenous Values and ways has brought him close to many First Nation Chiefs, Elders and Council.  

Brent Martin

Brent is a visionary entrepreneur with many years of business experience and is currently acting as an Adviser to Ecorise.  His focus is on human potential development and he is currently creating projects in that field.

Jocelyn Lee

Jocelyn is Communication and Human Relations Specialist.  She has many talents which include Her Digital Media expertise combined with her ability to synthesize complex information into crystal clear results.

Christopher Krywulak

Christopher is the Founder of IQMetrix, a Software Firm that designs Apps and Point of Sale Systems. He is a Visionary Entrepreneur and Master Strategist.

Lucas Paczek

Lucas received his degree from UBC in Mechanical Engineering and has been the Supervising Engineer for Clean Energy Solutions for 8 years.  He has a passion for Clean Energy and is always finding new solutions to do things better.

Sara Sanche

Sara is a chemical engineer and specializes in environmental practice and waste water treatment.  Her ideal is to create communities that recycle every drop of water

Marc Andre Gagnon

Marc is educated in Urban and Community Planning. He is a Landscape Architect and has extensive home renovation experience using environmentally friendly products. Marc is passionate about Organic Food Production and creating Resilient Communities 

Together, we can design a Sustainable future.

- Corneile Uys, Ecorise Founder

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